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Hey! I'm Raven, you can call me Rae.

A little about me...

I use my sociology background and art skills to improve experiences by creating intuitive interfaces through UX Design. I make apps and web pages using user research, visual design and front end coding. I love working with people to determine their needs and bring their ideas to life!

Some of my background...

I’ve always known two things about myself: I have a limitless imagination (prone to daydreaming) and I’m very curious about how and why things work. With these two passions I’ve had some amazing experiences on my path to becoming a designer.

In college, I became fascinated in the ways societal norms and historical events have shaped our opinions and outlooks, doing a lot of research specifically in terms of race and gender. I learned that the many problems our society faces today affect our experiences; our quality of life. I became determined to be part of the solution, to make human experiences better.

Through my art, I’ve had opportunities to screen print flags at a skatepark for the DC Funk Parade, organize a workshop for the Freer-Sackler Gallery of the Smithsonian, create banners for the People’s Climate March, and even lead a sneaker painting workshop with the Harvard Divinity School. I’ve seen first hand how, with an effective design, you can communicate a message that can affect thousands.

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